Ognyan, Bulgaria / CELTA

I would recommend CELTA in its blended format and I appreciate AVO Bell specifically because they are sensitive to their trainees’ needs and future opportunities. The course gave me a taste of teacher work in a safe environment and gave me useful networks with other people who are interested in the same field.


Laura, USA / CELTA

I think the best part of the whole CELTA experience was that I got to observe other teachers/trainees, exchange ideas, share knowledge and precious moments which I will treasure forever. Thanks!    

Malcolm, UK / DELTA & CELTA  Malcolm DELTA CELTA trainee

Director of studies & CELTA tutor
Malcolm English
Tokyo, Japan

I completed DELTA Module 2 in Sofia in 2010. It was by far the most rewarding teacher training experience I had ever received. The course tutors were very knowledgeable and professional. I learnt more in the six weeks of DELTA that I had in twenty years of teaching. After completing DELTA, I trained at AVO-Bell once again to become a CELTA tutor, again under excellent guidance and supervision. I can sincerely recommend taking CELTA or DELTA in Sofia to anyone who wishes to further develop their teaching skills.




It's been a great & useful experience. A good 1st step for someone with no teaching experience whatsoever. I got the appropriate tools to get into a real classroom. The tutors were strict & fair. Very giving as well. Great working conditions. Sofia is a surprising city. Amazing people, good fun and an abundance of things to do and go. Overall a unique experience that anyone who's after a teaching career should seek. I'm currently working in Thessaloniki in a private institution Interactive Learning.

Theodore, Greece / CELTA




The CELTA experience at AVO-Bell was something I will remember for the rest of my life. Due to a combination of the excellent teacher trainers, whose varied approach and teaching methods were truly invaluable, alongside the support staff and Directors at the school, who were all extremely helpful, I can honestly say that AVO-Bell was a perfect place to have undertaken this intensive course.




The most valuable part of CELTA for me were the teaching sessions. This is where you get to test yourElena CELTA trainee skills and find out first hand what works in a classroom environment. You learn so much not just by trying things out but also by watching your fellow trainees.
I was so excited about the end of the course, the feeling of having accomplished something was most gratifying. But then I woke up the next day and .... I realized that I missed my CELTA!

Elena, Bulgaria / CELTA



Miriam CELTA trainee AVO-Bell


When I think back on my CELTA experience at AVO, I always smile. The CELTA is a very intense course, but my trainers/tutors and the AVO staff were wonderfully professional and supportive. My trainers were always there for me if I was confused about something or I needed an extra hand. They were very professional and very knowledgeable, and always gave constructive advice. Not only are they great tutors, but they are also wonderful teachers, and I learned so many different techniques while watching them during my teacher observation sessions... Sofia is also a wonderful place to do your CELTA. It’s a beautiful, friendly city, and there are so many different activities that you can do. The people there are also very friendly and it is easy to get around.

Miriam, Egypt/Canada, CELTA




I entered the course with an MA degree in BritishMaria CELTA trainee AVO-Bell Studies and from the perspective of an experienced teacher (I had taught English for more than 5 years before the course) I had some doubts about whether it would be of any use. It was. It was of great use. It managed to answer a lot of questions and revealed many marvelous methods and strategies, which were new to me. I continue teaching at university – not just general English courses but also a number of academic language-related disciplines. After the CELTA course I have felt more confident, and my classes are more interesting (at least according to my students ). It entirely changed my way of teaching and I think it developed further my professional skills.
The people I am most grateful for shaping me as a professional are my CELTA tutors – Paul, Galya, Albena, and Daniel. Thank you all for being so tolerant and responsive to us.

Maria, Bulgaria / CELTA