What is DELTA?


DELTA is the Cambridge Diploma in English Language Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages, one of the world’s foremost qualifications for experienced ELT professionals. If you already have substantial experience of teaching English to adult speakers of other languages, DELTA will help you:

• deepen your understanding of principles and practice of teaching English language to adults
• examine your current practices and beliefs
• apply results of your learning and reflection to your current teaching position and more senior roles


Since September 2008 Cambridge ESOL introduced the new modular DELTA. The new structure is designed to provide flexible and appropriate development for the teachers. The new DELTA modules aim:

• to create an accessible DELTA syllabus that will offer applicants flexible entry points
• to enable candidates to gain all three modules in stages over a period of time that can fit with their professional and personal commitments
• to give the opportunity for DELTA candidates to focus on special areas of teaching, e.g. teaching young learners, business English, etc.
• to encourage more flexible modes of delivery (blended learning options)
• to certificate partial achievement in specific fields

Content of DELTA Modules


All three DELTA modules focus on both theory and practice, although teaching is only directly assessed in Module Two.


 Content of DELTA Modules

• Module One - Understanding Language, Methodology and Resources for Teaching - focuses on the background to teaching and learning ESOL in a range of contexts


• Module Two - Developing Professional Practice - focuses on developing the candidate’s awareness and expertise in relation to the principles and professional practice of teaching ESOL in a range of contexts

At AVO Language & Examination Centre you can take DELTA Module Two as a blended learning course.

• Module Three - Extending practice and English language teaching specialism - focuses on assessment and course planning in the context of a specialist option (e.g. YL, ESOL, ESP, 1-1)

Who is DELTA for?


DELTA modules are intended for both international audiences of non-first language as well as first language teachers of English and can be taken at any stage in a teacher's career. They are suitable for practicing teachers of English in a variety of teaching contexts (e.g. adult, primary, or secondary teaching contexts):

• You may be a graduate, or already hold an initial teaching qualification, and are considering DELTA as a way to further career development.

• You may wish to extend your professional experience and accept new responsibilities as this qualification not only demonstrates a commitment to the profession, but is also proof of your abilities.

• You may be willing to deepen your understanding of the principles and practice of English Language Teaching in order to improve your overall performance in the classroom.

Accomplishment of the DELTA modules prepares teachers for more senior teaching roles and helps further progression to other qualifications such as MAs in Linguistics and Language Teaching.

Who can apply?


DELTA modules are for practicing teachers. In order to be considered an eligible candidate you need to:

• have a standard of written and spoken English which would enable you to teach at all CEFR levels A1-C2
• have academic writing skills required for postgraduate studies
• have passed a practically-oriented ELT methodology course with observed and assessed teaching practice
• have at least two years full time (min. 1200 hours) teaching experience with different levels and course types
• have taken or are prepared to take DELTA Module One



Is there an examination?


DELTA is a modular course comprised of three modules. Each module is separately assessed and certificated. An overall DELTA certificate can be awarded to candidates who submit evidence of a 'Pass' in all three modules.

Module One is assessed via a written examination.


You can register and sit the DELTA Module One exam at AVO Language & Examination Centre.


Exam date:  5 June 2024

Registration deadline : 16 April 2024


Exam date:  4 December 2024

Registration deadline : 23 October 2024


DELTA Module 1 exam registration fee: 475.00 BGN


DELTA Module 1 exam registration 

For more information please contact us at: t.training@avo-bell.com


Module Two is assessed via a portfolio of coursework (1 professional development assignment, 4 systems/skills assignments, 4 observed and assessed lessons)


Module Three is assessed via an extended written assignment