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BULGARIA: country information


Full name: Republic of Bulgaria

Location: Bulgaria is situated in Southeastern Europe. It lies in the Northeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. To the north it borders Romania, to the west the Republic of Macedonia and Serbia, to the east the Black Sea, to the south Greece and to the southeast, the European part of Turkey.

Area: 111 000 sq km

Terrain: Extremely varied: sweeping plains and lowlands, lush pine-covered rolling mountain ranges as well as high, jagged, snow-capped peaks, valleys and lovely gorges.

Climate: Bulgaria is on the border-line between the temperate and Mediterranean climatic areas. The climate is temperate continental in its northern part, while the Mediterranean climatic influence is strongly felt in its southern part.
The average annual temperature is 10.5°C. The average January temperature is around O°C. Average summer temperatures rarely exceed 30°C.

Population: Bulgaria has a population of approximately 6 500 000 people (2021)
Official Language: Bulgarian

Alphabet: Cyrillic

Religion: East Orthodox Christians (86 %), Muslims (13 %), Catholics (1 %)About Bulgaria

State government: parliamentary republic  

Capital: Sofia

Main Cities: Plovdiv, Varna, Bourgas, Rousse, Veliko Tarnovo

Currency: Bulgarian Lev (1 BGN = 100 stotinki)

Approximate exchange rate: 1 EUR = 1.96 BGN

International dialling telephone code: +359

Local time: GMT (London) + 2 hours

Important telephone numbers:  Emergency 112
                                                         Ambulance 150
                                                         Fire Brigade 160
                                                         Police 166